Cname Record Not Resolving on email Platform

I have a cname record that is designated to email.{root}, I’ve turned off the proxy, yet it isn’t resolving for the email provider to track email stats.

I can’t verify that the record exists with any of the DNS checker tools and the application isn’t able to verify that the DNS record is active.

Any thoughts?

I’ve also deleted and remade the CNAME record and triple checked the values

If it works everywhere except on your email platform, you should contact your email platform.

We could check if it is actually working if you shared the name of the domain.

I can’t verify it’s working anywhere, thats part of the problem. It’s the CNAME record is

% dig cname


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Wow! Thanks that’s easy, I will reach out to them!

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As a user of Mailgun myself, I can share that their platform’s validation routines do seem to cache DNS, including negative results. For that reason, I make sure not to ask Mailgun to check my work until I have confirmed that it will return a satisfactory answer. If they cache a wrong answer, you have to wait for the cached results to expire.

Got it, this is a service whitelabeling Mailgun I believe, but that is good to know.

Thank you!

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Welp, they are still not able to verify the record, I’ve shared this thread with them.

We are flattening the record at the Apex, the proxy has been turned off and yet we still can’t verify.

Any other ideas? We really need this mail server working.

Have they shared the results of the relevant DNS query from their environment? It may offer some insight.

Yes here is a screenshot of what they are using in the thread.

Those are test results for which cannot have a CNAME. (CNAMEs are not permitted when a name has other record types, nor are they permitted at the zone apex.)

They need to look for a CNAME at like you indicated in your original post.