CNAME record not redirecting to static storage

I’ve added a CNAME record for my domain ( which is meant to point to a static storage object for my website. When I use the link I point the CNAME to in the browser, it works fine. Trying to navigate to gives me a 404 error. Also looking up the CNAME record on says it can’t be found. What am I missing here?

If that CNAME is set to :orange: Proxied, then it returns an “A” record for the Cloudflare proxy server. I bet that if you edit that DNS record so it’s :grey: DNS Only, it will work.

But if you want it proxied, it’s possible you’re getting a 404 because your static storage does not have an SSL/TLS certificate for the HTTPS connection.

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Thanks! Changing the DNS record to DNS Only worked like a charm! Do you know if there is a way to get it proxied using HTTPS even though it doesn’t have an SSL/TLS certificate? Would this be a task for Cloudflare workers like in this example? Proxy to External HTTP Server

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Which host you are actually pointing to? Do you have access to the server itself to add SSL certificate?

I’m using OVH Cloud’s Object Storage. I don’t think they provide a way to add an SSL certificate to object storage server as far as I can tell.

OVH should already provide HTTPS connection for the object storage. Did you try accessing your objects with https:// link?

The connection using the link they provide ( works, but when trying to use the link they recommend for the CNAME record ( with https it gives a certificate warning. Should I just use the first link for the CNAME record instead?

Use this as CNAME value.

I guess you need to follow the Workers example to serve resources from your object storage.

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Ok thanks for your time and advice!

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