CNAME Record not propogating

I’ve added a CNAME record to work with a host 24 hours ago as they’re expecting an ALIAS record from my domains. (They suggest using CNAME on Cloudflare)

The entire DNS record on Cloudflare is as follows (there’s only a CNAME Record):

When I look up for the records, I see that the A record returns Cloudflare servers however there’s no record in the CNAME field. The host is waiting for this record to appear and so far it’s empty.

Considering that this domain is a new one, I think it should have been propagated by now, am I missing something?

Either the record is proxied or you have flattening enabled on your account. If the record is :orange: switch that for starters to :grey:.

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The record was proxied, I switched to DNS only now for testing, however not proxying this removes all the benefits of the platform. Is it not possible to show a CNAME record to outside in proxy mode?

Side note, this domain is on a free account so it’s using the default (grayed-out) flattening option.

It is not I am afraid.

The question is, do you actually need a CNAME?

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