CNAME Record no effect on Pardot


I am trying to add tracker domains in a markerting automation service called Pardot.

They need a CNAME alias - to

After adding this CNAME and waiting at least 24h,with CDN service off (grey cloud) there seems to be no effect whatsoever.

I am getting errors in pardot. Also checking mxtoolbox shows that there is no such record.

Have been struggeling with this for the past week and trying everything we can think of, but no effect…

What to do?!

Hi @robin1, I’d start by only posting once, makes it a lot easier to assist and does not distract from helping others. Regarding the cname record parrot want to see, login to Cloudflare, go to the DNS tab, and add a cname with the details you shared in one of your posts that pardot gave you. Set ttl as automatic. There are some tutorials in the tutorials category on adding DNS records, if you don’t see them, a search of this site will find them. It’s pretty easy to add the record, hard part is knowing what to put in and you have that.

I would suggest one thing…

  1. Go to this site

  2. Type your domain

  3. Choose CNAME

  4. Search

Is it showing CNAME value everywhere?

Hi @cloonan , thank you for your response! I agree on the first part, my bad. Didn’t read the message where my post was in review…

About your question and @anon13899255 's question: no. DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool see there.

We did setup the Cloudflare CNAME (if i may believe the System administrator). Please check : (search for

There is a setup, not the correct I see. Does this mean the CNAME record is missing? Or isn’t it pointing in the right direction?

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Are you possibly on a paid plan?

Your record is not a CNAME but an A record. So you either chose the wrong type or Cloudflare flattened it. What does “CNAME Flattening” say at the bottom of your DNS page?

Would be possible to share a screenshot of your DNS page? I need to confirm once.

Thank you guys for the support!

We deleted the old CNAME redirection and tracker domain in Pardot. Used the tutorial and after some tweaking it worked.

Thanks for the support.

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