CNAME record issue - adding new Shopify CNAME records

Hi, we’re trying to add new CNAME records from our eCom platform, Shopify but keep receiving the same error

DNS validation error (CODE 1004)… this record cannot be proxied.

Any suggestions to fix would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @francis6,

Shopify use Cloudflare as well, this can create a conflict known as Orange to Orange. You should click the :orange: to turn it :grey: and unproxy it. You should then be able to add the record.

Just note that any settings in your Cloudflare account will not take effect as Shopify control the Cloudflare config.

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Hi @francis6
Please let us know if you are still seeing any issues after following @domjh’s suggestions.
You can find more information about this specific error here:

I hope that helps!

Hi Domjh, thank you for your explanation and I’ve added the records as suggested.

Waiting on Shopify verification now. Happy to close the ticket. :smiley:

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