CNAME record is not propagating after a week

Created 2 CNAME (icchq dot com) records over a week ago, but it isn’t propagating.

One of the CNAME records is at the root level so it is using CNAME flattening, and they aren’t not using cloudflare proxy (set to gray cloud icon).

Created a test TXT record and that propagates correctly, so there isn’t any issues with the pointing of NS.

Screenshot of DNS records

The target of your CNAMEs don’t resolve (assuming they are the same, as they are cut off in your screenshot)…

dig +short txt   << CNAME resolves
(no answer)

dig +short txt
(no answer)

dig +short
(no answer)
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They don’t resolve (yet) because the target hosting server (salesforce) will only activate the target once they validate that the CNAMEs exist via DNS check.

The CNAMEs should propagate even if the target doesn’t (yet) resolve - am I wrong?

The CNAME for acme-challenge is returning the target, but can’t go any further as the target doesn’t resolve. This may satisfy the check from your host.

The CNAME for the apex has to be flattened to an IP address, but it can’t do that as the target doesn’t resolve so nothing can be returned. This can’t satisfy any check from your host. You may instead have to CNAME from www (or any other subdomain) which will do the same as the CNAME for acme-challenge (that is, return the CNAME target, but not be able to resolve it).

You’ll then have to redirect from the apex domain to www.

Cloudflare’s DNS is doing all it can with what you have set.

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