CNAME record is not poinitng to the right website

I have a problem I can not solve. I am hosting a website with SUMUP

Thanks to DNS A-Record I am redircected to the website. The CNAME record however doesnt point to the website and I can not figure out why.

I use the iCloud integration to also use Apple Mail for Mails that why there is another CNAME DNS Record.

Here a picture of all my DNS Record. Can anybody help me?

Likely the hosting is set up to handle but you have not set them to handle CNAMEs just return an address, they are not a redirect.


  • add to the names your hosting will respond to there, or
  • you can redirect to on Cloudflare with a redirect rule.
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Thanks for the reply @sjr ! For the first option you mentioned what DNS Record to I have to add to do so?

Do I have to add a DNS A-Record with

poining to the IP address or how would you do that?

Changing the CNAME to an A record won’t help, the same thing will happen. Your hosting isn’t configured to answer for, only You need to set that on Sumup (if it’s possible, I don’t know anything about them).

The alternative is to redirect using Cloudflare. To do that…

Set up a redirect rule here…

…by copying this example…

Use in place of and in place of

Then, delete the CNAME for www and add a proxied A record for www pointing to

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