CNAME record is not getting verified in Mailgun


I have added mailgun’s CNAME record to my domain in Cloudflare. However, that is not getting verified. Is there a reason for this??


They usually work. What’s the CNAME?

Note: the CNAME must be grey cloud :grey:, not :orange:. If the cloud doesn’t appear, it’s also fine.


I have pointed my CNAME record to My other records on mailgun like TXT and MX got verified. However, this is not getting verified. Could there be a reason for this?


Thanks for this. It was an orange cloud. I clicked on it and it converted to grey. Is that what I should do?

Yes. If it’s :orange:, it’s not going to let mail connections through.

Thanks Judge. Making it grey worked! Thanks a lot!

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Yes, now have Mailgun re-verify (possibly something you can control, or possibly you’ll just need to wait)

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