CNAME record help needed

The person that used to handle our Google G suites has left the company. For us to get google to change the Admin user account on the Google G Suites, they want the following. How do I get this?

Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support.

If all administrators of the domain are unreachable, we
require proof of ownership of the DNS domain of your domain to help
you gain administrator priviledges.

  • DNS OWNERSHIP: please verify that you are the owner of this G Suite/Cloud
    Identity domain by creating a CNAME record through your
    domain hosting provider:
    • Label/Host: 23562132
    • Destination/Target:
    • Time to live (TTL): 3600 seconds / 60 minutes / 1 Hour

You can easily do this on the DNS panel for your domain.

Click “Add Record” and fill it in with the information they provided.

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