CNAME record for 'www' not working

Hi, I’m using Cloudflare to use the custom domain and manage its DNS for a podcast site at Castos. I followed the article at the Castos site and added two CNAME records in the Cloudflare DNS like this:

According to the Castos article: “Once both your DNS settings are configured properly and domain is verified, your custom domain will work with and without ‘www’”

The url for the domain is working, that is, reaches the podcast site for me as expected and shows SSL enabled. But the problem is that the “www” url, has been returning an error page at Castos and shows SSL not enabled.

I’ve tried using the DNS status tool It’s been sort of sporadic. Sometimes it shows both A and CNAME for as resolving and the CNAME record for www.peaceloveandsoup as also resolving. Then a little later none of these show as resolving, though I haven’t made any changes in the past 4 hours or so.

I’m getting the same results no matter what browser I use or whether or not it’s in incognito mode.

I’m not sure if this is an issue that needs to be resolved at Cloudflare or at Castos.


This turned out to be an issue with Castos not handling ‘www’ correctly for custom domains. There’s no Cloudflare issue as far as I can tell.