CNAME Record for SSL Domain Certificate Validation not Propagating

I have purchased an SSL Cert for a subdomain of my domain, “app.[domain].com”. My SSL provider is not validating the CNAME record I am adding for the Domain Certificate Validation. Some of the basics:

  • The domain and subdomain are working and serving traffic through Cloudflare.
  • I ran diagnostics, and the only open issue is adding DNSSEC / DS records, which should not be relevant to this
  • I added the CNAME record at my registrar, but I removed it after the SSL Provider and Registrar told me that the SSL Provider will look for the record where my NS records are hosted, which is Cloudflare.
  • I read the other articles on CNAME not propagating. The only thing that applied to me was changing the record to DNS Only, which I did.
  • I noticed that the format of the CNAME values is supposed to be [token].[subdomain].[]. Cloudflare truncates the part every time. Support said this was ok.

Is there anything else I should do to troubleshoot?

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