CNAME record for Google Workgroups

Google Workgroups is requiring me to add a cname record that is visible to them. It should read:
Host: 34033792 But I can’t seem to do it. I am not sure of the entry that should be made.
I have tried different variants of this but none seem to be accepted. Can someone tell me how it should be entered? Thanks.

Here is the screenshot of their instructions

Give this a try. Make sure it’s set to :grey: DNS Only.

Thanks, The google rep said that the cloud icon has to be orange for the change to be viewed publicly which is what he needs. So I don’t know if it will work for sure yet. But I really appreciate the help. I’ll note here tomorrow if it works.

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I don’t think that’s correct. :orange: just hides the origin, which is often a problem on CNAME records because it ends up looking like an “A” record IP address, thus hiding what the CNAME points to.

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It did work and solved the problem. Again, thanks so much!

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