CNAME record exists but not showing

How/where do I find existing DNS records that I can’t see on my DNS records? I have a CNAME record I need to delete but it doesn’t show on my DNS records. When I enter it (to see if it exists)
I get a message that says the record already exists, but I can’t see it.

That message can also be caused by an A/AAAA record with the same name, it doesn’t have to be a CNAME. Perhaps that’s the issue?

I need to find an existing record so I can delete it and I can’t find it

Could you send a screenshot of your DNS records so we can take a look? Just make sure to blur any origin IPs :slightly_smiling_face:

see attached

What is the name of the record you can’t see?


sorry … CNAME www

Hmm, there’s already a record for www so another record (visible or not) shouldn’t be able to exist. What tells you there’s an invisible record?

In order to check, I entered the CNAME record and I got a message that it already exists. also if you go to it goes to clickfunnels

Can you check whether you have a page rule redirecting to

“@” is shorthand for your domain name. You already have that as an “A” record (first on your list).

Oops, you said ‘www’. And you already have that as a pointer to groovepages.

A CNAME can’t match any existing hostname of any record type.

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I am pretty sure there isn’t an invisible CNAME record. I think it’s a page rule or origin misconfiguration causing the redirect.

But if the issue is your :orange: Proxied ‘www’ record sends people to Clickfunnels, it’s because Clickfunnels is intercepting your :orange: ‘www’ record. You would need to contact Clickfunnels and ask them to disable that.

I bet if you toggle it to :grey: DNS Only, it would work. (after the usual 5-minute DNS propagation time)


Thanks for all of the good feed back! I learned that because I already have a CNAME www pointing elsewhere - that’s why I get the error message.

I have no forwarding rules so it’s not that

I have contacted Clickfunnels and they are working on it on their end.
I also turned off Proxied for the www record so it’s now DNS only. ( I got a warning that this would expose the IP address)
I will give this some time and respond with any results.

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I ended up deleting an A record at the root pointing to groovepages and changed it to a CNAME record at the root pointing to groovepages and now everything works fine. No idea why but it works. Thanks for all of you input!!

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