CNAME record doesn't connect


round about one week ago I added a CNAME record and it appears at my Cloudflare DNS management:

The DNS lookup is fine also:

But the CNAME lookup says ‘DNS record not found’:

What did I do wrong ?


That first image is an “A” record, not a CNAME. A CNAME is supposed to point somewhere else, so your DNS here should have a CNAME line that says “pay” and then a target hostname.

Thanks @sdayman

To clarify, which image do you mean ? The first image link ( unfortunately isn’t displayed as an image for me, only the two following. Please click the link and you can see the CNAME record I created with Cloudflare.

Or did I misunderstand you ?

This image has that hostname showing as “A” records, not CNAMEs. “A” records are not CNAMEs.

Since you didn’t post a picture of your Cloudflare DNS records, it could just be that you did add it as a CNAME, but set it to :orange:. Try setting it to :grey: instead.

Thanks a lot @sdayman

switching to the grey symbol DNS only worked for me.

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