CName Record Disappears Randomly

In order to make my root domain accessible, I need to create a CNAME record that directs from stockmusicmusician .com to www.stockmusicmusician .com using domain name flattening.

It works fine for a few days or so, then the CNAME record just randomly/automatically disappears from my Cloudflare account.

The audit record shows:

User IP Address:

Resource: DNS record
“Content”: “www.stockmusicmusician .com”,
“Id”: “b5bcaa9c7957824b20184e91233de6be”,
“Name”: “stockmusicmusician .com”,
“Proxied”: true,
“Ttl”: 1,
“Type”: “CNAME”,
“Zone id”: “0d655e0405d19515cc90ec3886f13838”,
“Zone name”: “stockmusicmusician .com”

Interface: API

Audit Record: d5307a0c-b2da-4d5e-a966-f20ebc5ffbfe


{ "Zone name": "stockmusicmusician .com" }

Any help ending this loop would be appreciated!


Thank you for asking.

May I ask which Cloudflare plan are you using?

Good way to check for any information what could cause it, if so.
Any API running somewhere or someone added as an additional member, therefore having access to your CF account? :thinking:

I wonder, may I ask if you’re using some 3rd-party Cloudflare integrator, or something like eZoic maybe? :think

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