CNAME Record Deletion Restricted Post Host Transfer

I recently transferred my website hosting to Hostinger under the assumption that it was necessary for WordPress installation. However, I am now encountering an issue with Cloudflare where I am unable to delete the following record:

Record: [website].com
Points to:
Status: Proxied
TTL: Auto

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? I need to remove this CNAME record but the option to do so appears to be restricted to the registrar page, and the domain is no longer connected to Cloudflare as the registrar.

Hi there,

As described under your record on your UI : This record was generated by Cloudflare Registrar to provide the Parking Page. To delete this record, disable the Parking Page by navigating to Registrar in your dashboard.

Ensure that you continue with this action, and if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to escalate it by submitting a ticket to the support team for further investigation.

Contacting Cloudflare Support · Cloudflare Support docs

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