CNAME RECORD created in cloudflare is not working

I purchased the domain with but moved it to cloudflare as suggested by my marketing mentor and the support team at linkwizard app as training from both for creating CNAME Record use cloudflare for demo. I followed the instruction exactly as in their videos but when I try to create a custom domain in linkwizard app I keep getting error message saying " Whoops, looks like something went wrong. Could not create custom domain. This might be an issue with DNS configuration. Please make sure DNS has been properly pointed to ‘’." Apart from creating CNAME record exactly as instructed by training videos I tried several variations for Name for CNAME record but keeping the Target the same as “” All give the same error message as above. I am using the domain with linkwizard app only for creating and tracking short links. I am not using this for anything else like creating website or for email accounts. During the steps for creating this support ticket I was shown the diagnostics report as " has no MX records. This may interfere with proper email routing " I had tried variations of CNAME Record name with and without having MX record but it did not make any difference and Ihe training videos do not mention MX record and I was told that it is not needed as I am not using the domain for email routing. As suggested in training videos after creating CNAME Record I usually waited for about 10 to 15 minutes for its propagation but the last attempt I purposely left it for two hours before trying to create custom domain in linkwizard but still got the same error message as above. I hope you can help me with this setup.

Muddaiah {redacted}

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