CName record changed servers

I had my CName Record pointed to clickfunnels.
I disconnected from ClickFunnels and then pointed it to a different server by editing the CName Record… it has been just over 48 hrs… and it’s still propagating to clickfunnels (I can see thier icon in the tab) instead of to the new host… do I wait it out to 72 hrs or do delete CName and put an A Record in there instead???
Right now it gives me 404


If I search in DNS Checker… CName is all read X’s but if I put A record… I get green checks.

Cloudflare is a bridge from GSuite… nothing changed on the GSuite side…

First, I recommend you edit that CNAME so it’s :grey: DNS-Only. Leave its TTL to Auto (that’s about 5 minutes). That’s how long it takes any changes to propagate around the world.

With it set to :grey:, it will behave like a CNAME instead of an “A” record IP address.

If that doesn’t get things moving in the right direction, post your domain name and we can take a look.

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well I had it at DNS only and TTL was auto and I change it to 5 min because I read this wrong. LOL and the cloud is gray not orange.

But it does say it’s flattening it…

And I have another CNAME with WWW that is proxied.

Domain is my name

Your www forwards to the non-www. It ends up at https at an unproxied “A” record belonging to Google Hosting, but with a 404. Looking through the page code, there’s a lot of Appointments and Timezone widgets, but I do see mention of a funnel.

Whatever it is, it’s what your “A” record points to: an IP address ending with .4

thank you I will remove the cnames and put A record in

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I have chatted with Clickfunnel… nothing to do with them.
I have chatted with you… and change the CName for root to a A record… and nothing.
I have now chatted with GSuite who owns my domain… and they suggest the issue is with you, since I’m pointed to you (Cloudflare)
So… can you flush Rick and Rosalyn out??? clear the cache on my old CName??? :frowning:

Or do I have to drop my cloudflare bridge… :frowning:

Me? I’m a Cloudflare customer. I have no access to your account.

I’ve recommended that you set your relevant DNS records to DNS Only (:grey:) so you can troubleshoot this. This leaves it as a straightforward DNS configuration that any competent host should be able to figure out.

If your host can’t figure out why an IP address for your hosted site doesn’t work, I suggest you find a better host.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 5.42.59 AM

Just to be sure, can you post a screenshot of your DNS page here? I’d like to see what your records actually look like.

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Ah I see Scott…

Thank you… thought you were a cloudflare person…
I’m on it with Google… might just pull my bridge to Cloudflare… we’ll see where it goes… *another rabbit hole nailed shut.

thank you so much for helping me out Scott. Have a very merry! :slight_smile:


Hey Scott… thanks you clued me in

on the host side (which is Go High Level) I did not have the default homepage set to a specific page.
once I selected a default page ta da… all resolved.

*when you said if my host can’t figure it out… … it made me dig more on that side. I attached the domain after I had migrated the website… so I didn’t think look at that.


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