CNAME record and TLS version

So I have a CNAME record that points to a microsoft subdomain, and if you run a TLS checker directly on that url, it only shows to support TLS 1.2. If you run the checker and hit my CNAME record, it shows TLS 1.1 is enabled. Where can I disable TLS 1.1 for this CNAME?

Go and set the Minimum TLS version to 1.2

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The setting is already at TLS 1.2 for the minimum. That’s what I don’t understand.


Hi there @it1459,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare community, sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
Perhaps you can share some more details on how you are observing the 1.1 TLS version?

Thank you.


Hi there,

I see several zones under your account, so I don’t specifically know what domain are you referring to, but just by browsing around I see that you have some DNS records gray clouded on some accounts. Please note, that gray clouded entries are DNS only, meaning Cloudflare can’t apply any settings to it.

Take care.

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So you are saying that if I turn on proxied for that record, then the TLS will be enforced?

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