"CNAME record already exists with that host"

I would like to create a CNAME but I am told that “CNAME record already exists with that host”
I have seen in the questions asked in the community that there is a conflict because a CNAME already exists…

In my panel, I see :
DNS entry: autoconfig.mydomain.com
Type of registration: IN CNAME
Host FQDN : autoconfig.myhost.org

It’s Chinese to me

What should I do?

Thank you very much for your answer

Have a nice week-end :slight_smile:

Can you post a screenshot of your NS records in CLoudflare panel (redact IPs)?

thank you very much for your answer but…
I have no idea what you’re asking me.
What’s my NS records (redact IPs) :crazy_face:

It is OK. In your Cloudflare panel take a screen shot when you see something like this:


Ahhh ok, I can do that :smile:

The 7th entry is a CNAME for autoconfig. You cannot add another one, that’s the reason for error.

Okay, I see.
And what do I have to do to change that?

If you want to set autoconfig to elsewhere, edit it. If it is pointing to where you want, leave it as is.

in fact, I would like to link my domain name to ClickFunnels…

Is there anything I need to change here?

Search for ClickFunnels Cloudflare :search: there are many tutorials out there.

Ok :wink:
Thank you so much

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