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Hello -
I have my domain publishing my Kajabi website. Now, I’m building a new portal through for my clients to access lessons and other content - which I want to have on a certain url on my site like (for example)

Searchie is telling me to create a CNAME to show content - but if I do that, won’t it show only Searchie content now on and not also the Kajabi content? How does this work? I’m so confused - thank you! I just want a certain URL on my domain (for example ) to show that searchie content, and all the other regular URLS that work today to show that Kajabi content?

Hi @hi113,

Because of the way DNS works, it’s not the easiest to have different paths on the same hostname going to different places. This is why it’s common to use subdomains in this case, as you can just point the subdomain to the different provider.

If you do want to try and get the other service as a path of the main domain, you would either need Resolve Override (Enterprise only feature, would be very expensive just for this) or to write something custom with Workers.

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Ahhhh okay thank you so much! Okay so to get a subdomain, how do I do that? Is that something through my domain provider (google domains) or through Cloudflare? Thank you so much!

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No problem! So a subdomain would be like rather than

To do that, you would first configure as your custom domain in Searchie, instead of

Then when they ask you to add the CNAME for that, you would go to the DNS App in your Cloudflare dashboard and add something like this:

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Thank you so much for your help with this - you were so quick and so appreciate you sharing this!
Thank you :slight_smile:


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