CNAME Proxy confusion after transfer

Ok, transferred my second domain over to Cloudflare. In google domains (the prior registrar), I had 3 CNAME records for my email service. Now in Cloudflare, I have one record that looks like this

So I don’t quite understand it. Should I delete this record in Cloudflare and recreate the three CNAME records I had in Google Domains?

… or perhaps I could import the BIND file (exported from Google domains)?

I feel this, as it is now, is a bit concerning that the CNAME record is pointing to Google, the registrar I’m trying to leave… or am I missing something obvious?

DNS records themselves rarely have anything to do with the domain registrar. They are only for the services you’re connecting to for your domain, such as websites and email.

Is something not working?

It’s working but please read… I use Protonmail which suggests/recommends 3 CNAME “DKIM” records. Those are the ones that didn’t carry over, but it appeared proxied back to Google (see orig post). Do I understand that correctly?

So, back in Google Domains, the domain in question eventually disappeared (since I transfered it successfully to Cloudflare) and I started to wonder how that proxy was, or could be, working.

Again, I may just not understand this proxy in this context. Not wanting my config to be referring to anything at my old registrar, I decided to recreate the 3 CNAME records (as described in the link below) in Cloudflare and delete the proxy record show an above. All seems fine.

Note: for any protonmail users who might stumble into this thread, here are two links that I found helpful:

I use Protonmail as well. They’re pretty clear about which records they’re looking for. When you Add a domain in Protonmail, they want those three CNAMEs. Make sure they’re set to :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you, that’s what I did (I basically recreated the records from my former setup). It appears fine.
I just am not sure what it would have happened if it remained proxied like this and I hadn’t added the three records manually.

… especially since the domain is no longer visible in Google Domains. Not a big labor time thing, just wondering. In the process of transfering the domain from Google Domains, is this what should have happened?

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