CNAME Proxied to Cloudflare but not opening with ipv6

I have added a domain,, with cloudflare and created CNAME record to one of my site It was working well since last 2 years but all of sudden stopped working for ipv6. is working well with ipv4 but stopped work with ipv6. However main siye have ipv4, ipv6 with SSL.
Can anyone please help.


You haven’t posted the actual error you’re getting, or the actual hostname, so there’s not much we can tell you.

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Hi @sdayman
Giving you all screenshots:
Cloudflare DNS

AAAA Reord of CNAME Domain

But don’t know why CNAME Record not showing here, while you can see updated in cloudflare

Browser error:

Can you please check.

Without the hostname, I don’t know that there is much any of us can do as we have no way to even begin basic troubleshooting.

Hi @robertcope
I have shared screenshot above. What exactly you need.
You can ping me on skype: ashishmca09

I tried the two hosts that you posted (I guess you deleted them later?) and both seem to work. Did you change something?

Hi @robertcope
Yes I deleted after that.
These are both hostnames which I am trying. It was working well since 6 days back for last 2 years but suddenly stopped.It’s working on Ipv4 but stopped working with Broadband dedicated ipv6 addresses.

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