CNAME proxied mode problem - slow loading sites

I have a DIY NAS what it’s running OMV 5 and I used to Portrainer in my docker containers.
I bought a domain(namecheap) what end is “” and I add for a FREE Cloudflare account.
I used to some containers : nextcloud, qbittorrent
I used to linuxserver\swag image and the reserve proxy conf files :,
My router used to a port fowarding the letsencrypt(swag) container and I use those default port: 80 and 443.
In Cloudflare added a root doamain and 2 CNAME domain and its used to DNS only mode
IP address is updating the linuxserver/ddclient container.

Cloudflare setting :
SSL/TLS Recommender :ON
Always us HTTPS : on
Minimum TLS: 1.2
TLS 1.3:ON
Automatic HTTP rewrite: on
Opportunistic Encrypt: ON

This settings are working two sites,

But I want to change the Proxy status DNS only to Proxied that my sites doesn’t working or very slowly loading.

Proxy status : DNS only…: my sites are loading about 1 sec
Proxy status : Proxied…: my sites are loading 10-20 secound or timeout (error 522)

I try this method:

  • root doamin used to DNS only mod, 2 CNAME changed Proxied…waiting for ~1 hour but my sites very-very slow loading.
  • root doamin and 2 CNAME changed Proxied…waiting for ~1 hour but my sites very-very slow loading.

If I changed the status my browser cache delete (SHIFT+F5)
The CNAME IP address changes a good Cloudflare IP because it’s starting 104.XX.XX.XX number.

Do you have any idea what is the problem?

I try to other container (Proxy Manager) but this problem has’nt been solved. :frowning:

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