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Hi! I just purchased my new domainname from cloudflare and I have setup a CNAME to point to hashnode for a blog. How long on average does it take or am I doing something wrong? I am going on 6 hours. the A appears to work great, but the CNAME isn’t.

My DNS settings are CNAME,,, DNS Only, Auto.


You can’t CNAME an apex domain, so Cloudflare flattens and converts it to an “A” record that points to the IP address of the CNAME target.

Your record has propagated.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am not sure that I follow. I was following a tutorial online and it had said that those were the settings that I should use.

I am expecting that if I go to, that it should point to the blogspot on hashnode. Is that correct?

Also, when I put in CNAME, @ (converted to automatically) then the rest of the settings above.

The tutorial told you to not use ‘www’ for the website address? That rarely works due to the CNAME limitation I mentioned.

It’s best if you configure hashnode for www at your domain, then make sure you have the appropriate CNAME record here for that.

It just seems like I have everything right or I am just impatient. I have cloudflare configured:

and I have hashnode configured as:

Ah, so it is the ‘www’ subdomain you’re trying to use. It’s resolving for me now. And it’s working.

I suggest you add this:

Thank you again for replying and the additional information. I am currently getting an odd situation where I have kept my settings the same on both cloudflare and hashnode, and it is working on my phone and another pc, but not this one. I have cleared my cache from chrome as well. I have never seen this before at all, but it seems that I have found the culprit.
I really want to try reconfiguring without the www, but after I get this PC to resolve.

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I have a followup here and things are working as I expect now. When hashnode is configured without the subdomain, it tells me to create an A record for @ to (same thing when CNAME is flattened from CNAME, @,

From here, it doesn’t matter if I put in these settings:

or these:

Both appear to work fine. The issue appeared to be my PC not resolving for some reason, which I haven’t figured out yet.

Thank you for all of your help. Much appreciated.

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