CNAME Propagation Issue

After changing nameservers to Cloudflare, A records have propagated, but CNAMEs have not. It’s been nearly 48 hrs.

The domain in question is advisorsbusinessblueprint

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I see that uses Cloudflare. Since you did not mention what names you are using with CNAME records it is impossible to check to see what is going on.

It is important to remember that when a CNAME is set to :orange: Proxied, it will be published as A and AAAA records of Cloudflare proxy IPs. This means that attempt sot look up a CNAME record will fail. It is also not possible to publish a CNAME at the apex of the zone. Any CNAME found there will be flattened and published as Cloudflare proxy IPs if :orange: or the IP returned by querying the canonical name if :grey:.

I see that your apex is :orange:, but your www is :grey:. You also have a hostname of ftp that is :orange:. If you plan on using that name with FTP, FTPS, or SFTP, it will need to be set to :grey:. When a name is :orange: it can only be used with HTTP and HTTPS.

If you need more specific answers, feel free to provide additional information and ask more questions. :smile:

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