CNAME Propagation - ACM OK

I’ve just set up another cname record for my domain and the site is hosted on heroku. I know that part of it is working as the ACM status on heroku has been successful.
I have two subdomains pointed to this particular project and the other is fine too. If however I do a curl for the domain, it says Connection refused.

How long does it take for it to propagate or has this already happened and something has gone wrong?

So… I asked some colleagues of mine to check the endpoint through a curl request this morning.
They are getting a full response back but I am still receiving a ‘Connection Refused’. Is there some sort of caching issue?

For anyone who is ever as much of a spanner as me and also comes across this error. Just check you haven’t changed the hosts file locally when testing the subdomain in your local environment :wink:

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