CNAME problems migrating from Click Funnels to Kajabi using CloudFlare

I’m reposting a solution for this concern where in the CNAME made during hosting with Click Funnels PREVENTS MIGRATION to Kajabi because the CNAME’d subdomain is on hold in Heroku (the app used by Click Funnels).

This issue causes the subdomain to redirect to Click Funnels despite reconfiguring it to other CNAME values.

Here’s an example of the problem:

The solution was originally posted in

The solution is to release the domain from Heroku for you to use it again. You can do that by following the instructions in the link mentioned above. The domain release tool is also present here:

Lastly, release the subdomain that you used during your hosting with Click Funnels. Usually this is “www” but maybe different in your case. That subdomain must be the one released in the heroku tool. If things don’t work, you can also release the domain root apex, just to be sure.

Then when you released the domain, you can now proceed with Kajabi’s instruction on adding custom domains.

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