cname problem



I am opening while opening cname, but does it say forbid?


What is saying Forbid? If it is the DNS settings page here, it might forbid you to :orange: your CNAME. Try :grey:.


Or is it a 403 - forbidden when he tries to access :thinking:




You wrote “forbid” which is 403 :wink:

this 404 is delivered by your server which doesn’t know how to handle access to or there’s no contenr or wrong redirect to a non-existing folder or…


I dont understand?


Wow, that is a lot of nested CNAMEs.

The server you’re using 1) Does not support HTTPS for your URL, and 2) Doesn’t know where your content is.

KeyCDN shouldn’t be this tough to set up. I’ve used it before and it’s pretty straightforward. First of all, it’s not normal to use a CDN with no file or path. There should be some sort of file in your URL. It also seems like KeyCDN doesn’t have HTTPS set up for your CNAME:



hi to get this url file?


You don’t need to buy an SSL certificate. The one you already have at Cloudflare is ok.

Did you have set to :orange: on your DNS page?


yes there is but it is not active due to ssl

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