CNAME pointing to my another domain not working

I want to redirect to I have setup cname record but it is not working i gives 404 when i visit

Both of my domains are managed by cloudflare free plan

The CNAME will only work as a “real CNAME” if you disable proxying.
Otherwise Cloudflare optimizes it and returns the IP address(es) directly.

Is the site on the same webserver as

If yes, then make sure the server accepts the hostname

If not, or is just a domain you want to redirect, then you need to use a proper redirect (CNAMEs don’t redirect hostnames, only DNS responses).

To do that, set up a rule in redirect rules (link below) and ensure you have a DNS entry for (use a dummy value of A or AAAA 100:: if there’s no real site, ensure it is proxied).

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