Cname pm-bounces

Cname pm-bounces is in my dns settings: 1) how did it get there? Who put it there? 2) do I need it? 3) will it hurt anything if I delete it?

I have NO idea how it got there–to the best of my knowledge I do not use–have never used-- postmark–

Take a note of it, then delete it. If nothing breaks, then…great!

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Thank you, but I cannot take a chance on breaking anything–

Sorry we can’t be of more assistance, but your DNS records are determined by the various services you use, including Postmark.

I do not use postmark–do not have an account with postmark–I did send them a query this evening–I watch everything that gets entered into my dns record–i have no idea how or when this was added or by whom/what service.

I know that microsoft automatically adds some things to dns records–but they definitely did not add this one.

I haven’t addressed Question 1: How did it get there.

If it wasn’t there as part of the onboarding process (DNS Scan of existing records), then you’d have to check the Audit Log at the top of to see if it was added at some point by a logged in user or an API call.

I do not see anything named “audit log” --can you tell me more specifically how to find it? thank you


Try this:

Ps: what is an “api call?”


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