A few days ago I stopped receiving emails completely. I called my host, networksolutions, and they said they recently changed dns records and I need to go into Cloudflare and change them. They gave me all the records that need to be in Cloudflare.

They gave me CNAME records, however when I watch the email tutorial, it says I should use an A name. I tried to create an A name…but the CNAME info obviously does not work in the A name field. What to do? Which is correct.


Considering that you are talking about mail, I assume you are referring to an MX record. In that case, yes, an MX record should not use a CNAME record but point to an A record.

Can you post a screenshot of the instructions? Generally, however, that’s not so much a Cloudflare related topic.

Thank you for the response. This is a screenshot of what my dns records should look like according to network solutions. I’m currently talking to them asking if they can provide A records.

These records should be all right.

Thanks. That’s what I have now, but it’s been over 24 hours since I updated the dns records and still no email. And the propagation checker has "x"s for everything. Excuse me for being obtuse, but you said it should be an A record, but in my screenshot, there are no A records. Which is correct?

What’s the domain?

www dot shanekislack dot com

The MX records are in place - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

The others records do not seem to be configured. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records on Cloudflare?

Remove all instances of ext

Drop all these .ext extensions. Only keep the names.

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Thanks. This is what it looks like now. I assume you meant the Name and not the content. Do I need to wait a period of time for it to update?

That appears to be correct now. You may have to wait for propagation, but generally, it should work now.

Just fix the records themselves, as they still have .ext mentioned.

I can remove it, but it’s the exact lines network solutions sent me. I’ll try it. This is what it looks like now.

What they provide you was just a template. The records are now set up and I believe they are correct now - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool - but you may want to confirm this with your host as well of course.

Alright! you guys did it…thanks so much. I’m very dumb with these things. My email is now working.

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