CNAME or A record wildcard

I was wondering if there is a reason to not use an A record wildcard and go with CNAME for subdomains. Right now I use nginx to handle routing to each service I am hosting server side. Then I add a CNAME record for them on cloudflare. Some services i am testing I will turn on and off within nginx.

I want to add a wildcard to simplify things, but not sure if it is a security risk, sloppy practice, or some other reason not to do so

I am not certain I understand your question.
If you have an IP address as the target, you use an A record.
If your target is a hostname, you use a CNAME record.

You can use wildcards on either one. Using cname on subdomains means you only have to change the ip address once if you do that in the future.

Thought if I I did an “*” pointing to my IP as an A record it would act as a wildcard for subdomains. I tested it for a bit the other night and it seemed to work, but removed that and redid it as CNAME after…

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