Cname of subdomain www to non www issue

I have added a cname record for my subdomain www.subdomain to subdomain.
But it does not resolve and instead redirects to https://www.subdomain with ssl error.
I am using - always use https and full ssl.

Cloudlfare SSL doesn’t support a sub-subdomain. It only supports and * That * can represent www, or sub, or store, but it can not represent or www.sub. That would need ..

You can use a Page Rule instead (I think). The sub-sub SSL issue might makes this difficult.
Match:* and set Forward URL (301) to$1

Nah that doesnt help, it still redirects to https://www.sub.domain

I may have misunderstood the question. Still, the SSL sub-subdomain rule applies. Now it’s just a matter of getting your requests sent to the correct place.

I think I see where I messed up. Don’t make it a CNAME. Can you make it an A record with the same IP address as your subdomain? Make sure it’s set to :orange: so the Page Rule kicks in before it attempts to reach your server.

Cloudflare’s SSL cert doesn’t cover second level subdomains. It covers the root and first level. So that is the cause of the SSL error. You would need a dedicated cert with custom host names to access that over ssl w/o an error.

Also CNAME doesn’t do redirect, it just tells a host where to direct traffic. A redirect would be done using a page rule if that is what you are trying to do (but it will still have the SSL error).

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it seems to work with cname and a page rule without 1$

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