CNAME not working



I’ve added 2 cname entries, for office 365, to get email working but it’s not showing up in, when I check for CNAME records. The cloud is set to grey, not orange, so I can’t understand what’s going on.

Please help!


The record appears to resolve for me when using dig. Are you still having an issue?

“dig” returns the following:

;; ANSWER SECTION: 299 IN	CNAME 259	IN	CNAME 299 IN	CNAME	299 IN CNAME 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A 188	IN A


Yes, still not working for me


I just tested via Mx as well and it shows up.

Unless you are making the change under a different zone/account than the one you are posting with here, I’m substituting the correct value for based on DNS changes made today by your account. The only thing I can think of if you are seeing different results is you’re adding this CNAME record to the wrong zone in your account.

Can you go to this site: and in the section titled “MD5 & SHA1 Hash Generator For Text” change the radio button to SHA-256 and type in the name of into the test box (not The zone you created this record has a hash that ends in F45771 correct?


Hi, today my breakfast was an issue with DNS at cloudflare, all entries are ok but i have no resolution. I don’t know if it’s a cloudflare issue. Its down since more than 5 hours… i guess that is been to many time. Anybody knows what can be happening?


EDIT: Nevermind…it looks like this was resolved in your other post. Another reason to not double-post the same issue.