CName not working /Required content?

I made a cname and pointed it to a hosting but it is not working

as the pic below

but when i try connect it the hostting but it say CNAME must be pointed to

when i try to check the cname using dnschecker tool it say unresolved

can 't put more than photo

i waited about 3 hours and no thing changed , please help

Can you try to change the content value for CNAME www to the CNAME www regarding CNAME flattening?

Or follow this tutorial here:

Sounds like te host expects the true value for the origin, so you will want to change the :orange: to be :grey: next to the www and unproxy the root.

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do you mean like this ??

still not working

That error is being returned directly from the hosting company and bypassing Cloudflare entirely. So you’ll want to contact them for guidance.

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  • this is the photo show it as unresolved

A root record can’t be a CNAME, so Cloudflare is translating it to an A record. It resolves to the correct host.


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