CNAME not working for SendGrid

I have created CNAME to authenicate my domain with SendGrid ,even setting “DNS Only” ,those are not working.
Please help!

Have you confirmed the CNAME record propagated? I usually check at

Here is screenshot

Can you confirm that the two name servers at the bottom of your DNS page are Dana and Dax?

Do any other DNS records you’ve added recently work?

Yes, Dana and Dax worked.
I added different A record recently , it worked successfully, but SendGrid required CNAME.
CNAME not working, tried everything.

Can you open a ticket and post the # here? Make sure you include a link to this discussion in your email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

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Hi @ashish3, I am unable to see the cname record for the host referenced in the DNS record of your domain. Can you please follow the information on how to add the record for sengrid here - Adding vendor-specific DNS records to Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center Let us know if you have any further issues here.

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did not worked.

it has been coming almost a week and I can’t authenticate SendGrid with Cloudflare.
I am completely disappointed over here.

and I have tried everything.
may be this is just because domain is located at siteground? which do not support DS records?

I really needed this issue to resolve asap. I have my campaigns ready to send but can’t authenticate sendGrid.

Hi , why no reply on this, I am really surprise silence on this, I followed all steps without success over this.
Is this impossible here to get an response?

@ashish3 I checked your DNS record and everything seems correctly added. Have you reached out to Sengrid with the information showing that the DNS records have been correctly added and why you are unable to authenticate with sengrid.

Never success. Very disappointed.

Your domain doesn’t need DS Records, as it’s not using DNSSEC.

I don’t understand why you have a screenshot of CNAME records for mtpapi._domainkey, but Sendgrid is looking for em7019 records.

Can you please post a screenshot of your entire DNS screen, including all “A” records, all the way down to the two name servers? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.


I am not feeling comfirt to post everything here , can you please provide me an email address?

Problem partially resolved while putting only CNAME without domain prefix.

Now when I am trying to Link my brand, other issue coming.

As far as I can see , a trailing dot here.
I have proxy off for this CNAME

@ashish3 I notice you have CNAME flattening set for all subdomains. If you change the CNAME Flattening setting in your dashboard under the DNS settings to “Flatten CNAME at Root” i think your provider will be able to verify properly:

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