CNAME not verifying on CRM Email Sending Domain

Hi Community,
I have a CRM that let’s me configure a Sending Domain using my main domain so I can send emails from within my CRM. I input all the DNS settings from the CRM, but the CNAME setting is not verifying. I purchased the $10/mo. Edge Certificate, but it’s still not verifying.

What can I do?


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You shouldn’t need to purchase an edge certificate, but that is unlikely to be related to your validation CNAME.

Make sure that your CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only or it will not be published as a CNAME. That means your CRM will not find anything when it queries the CNAME.

If you need more specific assistance, can you share the domain name and the records you need to create?

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Thank you! That solved the issue. Many thanks!

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