CNAME not verified by DNS checker

Hi All,

I have a CNAME, which is actually working (as in the forward happens) but can’t be verified by using DNS checkers. The CNAME record is not “orange clouded”, the cloud is grey!

The problem I have with this is that I can’t use CNAME entries to verify domain ownership.

Any clue why? What I can do about it?

Thanks heaps!

Do you have CNAME flattening (Flatten all CNAMEs) enabled at the bottom of your DNS page? This is an option on paid plans.

Just noticed that this does work using an A record check… so it behaves as if it was “orange clouded”…

Not good for me - again, it doesn’t get accepted as ownership proof…

Still looking for answers…


It’s not :orange: behavior, because that would return a Cloudflare IP address. There’s also the unlikely chance you already have an A record for that hostname…unless, as I suggested above, you’re flattening the CNAME.

Yes, cname flattening is on…

That’s why. The verification process is looking for a typical CNAME response for what it’s aliasing to. If you disable “Flatten All CNAMEs”, that should fix it. Just set it for Flatten CNAME at root.

Yes, that worked… Thanks heaps sdayman!

Why would I choose to use flatten all cmanes instead of flatten at root?

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Flattening subdomain CNAMEs is handy for hiding the source of your subdomain. For example, your mail host. I have an MX record for, but “mail” is a CNAME to a third party mail host I’d rather not divulge. So I flatten that subdomain. It doesn’t completely hide the source, but it does provide a bit of whitelabeling.

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