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My CNAME’s are showing in the Cloudflare platform but when I do any DNS searches they do not show. For some reason, they are not updating? I’ve tried contacting support with zero success. Does anyone on here have some useful pointers?


If those CNAME records are :orange: and you’re searching using a tool where it is having you specify CNAME in the dropdown it’s not going to come back because technically it isn’t a CNAME to external audiences. That’s because Cloudflare is hiding/obfuscating the true origin server so that the request is proxied through Cloudflare instead (that’s what :orange: does).

If the intent is to have Cloudflare proxy the request then a search for an A record or just a non specified query type using a tool like dig (see link below) will return a result. That result will be the IP address of Cloudflare as a proxy.

If instead the intent of the CNAME record is for validation fo a service where it expects the value to match what the service is validating on then the record should be :grey: in your DNS tab so that we don’t alter it.

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