CNAME not updating today

I am brand new to all of this so patience please. I am trying to get my domain name to point to my new website IP. I have updated the “A” field and “CNAME” field according to the directions I have been given. I see the “A” field is propagated, but CNAME is not. It keeps telling me it needs to verify ownership. The domain is Is there something else I need to be doing? Sorry, lost here.

Is the Proxy status for that CNAME set to Proxied (:orange:) or to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only?

Some external providers are very strict, and may require either to see their own IP address(es) or the actual CNAME target they define, in the public DNS hierarchy.

If the Proxy status of your CNAME is set to Proxied (:orange:), all they would see would be Cloudflare IP address(es), which could be the explanation.

Dns only

  1. Can you share a list, perhaps a screenshot, of the record(s) you have issues with, so we can see how they appear in your Cloudflare Dashboard?
  1. Can you share a screenshot of the page telling you this?

I added the two DNS only records. Could there be a conflict with some of the other records there? I don’t know enough to answer that

What are the two Cloudflare nameservers assigned to your domain that you can see on the same page, but below the DNS records?

I see that your domain is added to multiple accounts, and I guess you are in the wrong account.

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I’m honestly not positive about those two nameservers. I know the domain is pointed at a website that is getting closed down and I want it to point to another site IP. That is all I’m trying to accomplish, but I don’t have the knowledge to understand all of this. Thanks for all of your advice.

On the same site you took a screenshot of the DNS records, it says “Cloudflare Nameservers”. Which names do you see there?

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Yes, as @Laudian mentioned above, you’re performing the changes in the wrong Cloudflare account.

The domain name belongs to another Cloudflare account, which you must log in to, if you wish to perform the changes.


Okay, this is making more sense now. Here is my dilemma…the domain was registered to my recently deceased brother. I’m trying to help my sister-in-law reroute the domain to her new website. We don’t seem to be able to locate any of the log in information. Who do I contact for account access?

Apparently, this was a “free” account

The domain is not registered via Cloudflare, so you’ll have to gain access to the registrar account. That’s the company you pay for the domain:

Registry Domain ID: D44433382-CNIC
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:

PublicDomainRegistry doesn’t sell directly to end users though, so you’ll have to find out what company you are paying for the domain by looking at invoices for example.

With Cloudflare, you have 2 options. Either you find the old account information (in a password store or via the “forgot-password” method for example), or you change the nameservers to those mentioned in your new account after you have gained access to the registrar account.


PDR has a Reseller lookup form here:

Details are sent to the Registrant email address though.


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