Cname Not Saving Full Record

I need to save the following in cname record:

However when I save it cloudflare removes the domain and saves just: CnameValidationEntries":{"_0fbdfdf2a699314cfcbc2da2219cf172.portal

How do I fix?

Support needed

The domain is implied in the CNAME target. It’s there.

However, I bet you’re only supposed to be entering the part and not the stuff in front of it.

The company I am entering the cname for (Ringba - and established saas) has told me it needs to save the full domain name and instructed me to contact Cloudflare.

As @i40west said, you should enter only or _0fbdfdf2a699314cfcbc2da2219cf172.portal, not CnameValidationEntries":{".

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Let me clarify for all; my CNAME is currently saved as ‘_0fbdfdf2a699314cfcbc2da2219cf172.portal’

it needs to be (but will not save): ‘’

Sorry for the confusion.

That is the correct behaviour. As every record you have ends in your domain, Cloudflare doesn’t show the domain at the end of records to make the names shorter in the dashboard.

Did you save the record as DNS-only or proxied?

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It is DNS-Only; it will not save proxied.

If you believe that there are still problems, it would help if you shared your actual domain with us so we could have a look.

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is there a way of sharing it privately?

I’ve sent you a message, you can reply there.

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