CNAME not resolved

Dear community

Is it normal behavior that cnames are not resolved when dns and http proxy is enabled?
As soon as I disable routing traffic through Cloudflare the cnames resolve correctly. Also as far as I experienced resolving cnames worked for months with enabled traffic routing through Cloudflare, approx. 2 weeks ago it stopped resolving cnames.

Thank you for your help!

That’s not normal. Root CNAMEs generally get flattened to the Cloudflare IP address, and subdomain CNAMEs show what they point to.

On Biz plans and above, you can flatten CNAMEs for subdomains as well.

Can you post an example of one that’s not working?

Thank you for fast response :slight_smile:

lets say I have created a cname and bypass the CDN
cname test
In this case will resolve to googles IP - everything as I expected.

Now I change the same cname record to route through the CDN. In this case, after flushing the cache, it resolves to Cloudflares IP address.

I have Cloudflare pro plan active.

Correct, if you :orange" that DNS record to go through Cloudflare, then traffic will route through Cloudflare’s proxy servers to enhance and protect whatever is behind it.

I have several CNAME records I don’t set to :orange: because I want traffic to hit that server directly without Cloudflare services.

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Ok thank you very much for your help. After reading more about CNAME flattening I think I got it now.

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