CNAME not resolved for Office 365 (cloud = grey)


We’re encountering problems with Office 365 and resolving CNAMES of our domains. We’ve got a couple of domains ( e.g. ) which uses Office365, but when i check the CNAMES by e.g. ( ) it does not return the cnames:

autodiscover - autodiscover.outlook[.]com - DNS ONLY
msoid - clientconfig.microsoftonline-p[.]net - DNS ONLY

[.] = . (because i’m a new community user i cannot post more links).

i read something about flatting CNAME, but our client is using the free version of Cloudflare, so flattening is set to: ‘Flatten CNAME at root’.

How to publish the cnames? Or do i need to move back the DNS to the original registrar and remove it from CF?

They’re there. You were only checking for CNAMES of the root domain. Not the subdomains.

Wow, didn’t knew that actually. Thought they will be exposed on the root also.

Many thanks!!!

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