CNAME not registering. Lookup not found

I have been unable to register a cname that the lookup is required for a service. Using this I checked the cname

Nothing comes up on two different domains I have. All cname entries are greyed out. I know an A record will do the same but this wont work as the service I am using is requiring a cname lookup. Of course with the cname flattening cant be turned off, Im not sure how to get this to register. needs to go to

Hi @privacy1,

Can you post a screenshot of the record you added at Cloudflare?

Thanks. so the parent domain is .eu and the service i need clients pointed to is at a different .com address. I had a www cname as well and it wasnt showing either so I deleted it hoping it wasnt conflicting anywhere.

Can you post the actual domain name so we can check it?

For security reasons I dont like to post the domain to a public board. I cant seem to PM you either.

I have sent you a message with details of how you can share the information asked for more privately. It is more helpful if you can post it publicly so more people can help you, but if you can’t, please see your messages by clicking your profile icon in the top right.

I have had a look at this and can’t see an issue with the record.

domjh@linux ~ $ dig cname +short

It might be worth contacting the service you have the CNAME pointing to to see why they can’t validate it.

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This was way past the time to propagate lol but for some reason I checked again right now and it validated… You must be lucky for this lol. I have been trying for days now and they were checking their end too just to make sure… Thank you.

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No worries, there have been a couple of DNS propagation issues recently, but none that should have lasted that long!

Glad it is sorted, anyway :slight_smile:

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