CNAME not publishing

I recently pointed my domain to CF. Verification complete. All the records were imported correctly and none of them are proxied. However, the CNAME records will not publish. Every major DNS checker site reports no CNAME records, but cloudlfare clearly has them in correctly and saved.

SSL mode is full strict. I have disabled caching for the domain with a cache rule. CNAME flatteing is the default (flatten at apex) and this option is the only one in the dropdown. Any ideas

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To publish a CNAME, the record must be set to :grey: DNS Only. Proxied CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records with Cloudflare IPs.

They aren’t proxied. See quote.

Can you share the domain and hostnames that you expect to see?

Can you please provide the root zone? So we can continue to look into this? Thank you for the screenshot. Is the www record not showing as published?

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