Cname not propogating

I have added the cname recrord for the domain but it is not propogating : Type Name Content Proxy status TTL Actions CNAME domainname DNS only Auto Edit

I have added Cname for the www.domainname and its propogating but for domainname not happening

Please guide me on this.

The naked domain (e.g. requires a couple of other records (e.g. SOA and NS) on that label, and as such, a (real) CNAME can technically not be there, according to the DNS standards.

Cloudflare does however work around this issue, by using the CNAME Flattening feature, which is flattening any CNAME you may attempt to add there, so that they will follow the A/AAAA records the CNAME target provide.

That “workaround” does add another caveat though.

In order to check the propagation using e.g. the DNS checker you provided a screenshot for, you must switch the type of query, so that you are querying for AAAA and/or A records directly.

E.g. like this:




I want to access my domain with domain_name also with www.domainname where as www.domain_name works but accessing just domain_name does not work

getting this :

What needs to be done here ?

That error is from the web server (e.g. hosting provider) you’re pointing to, and not from Cloudflare.

Most often it is because the hosting provider / platform, that you are pointing your DNS records to, are configured to only respond for the one host name, but not the other.

E.g. in your case, it would currently be configured on your hosting provider for the host name alone, but not for

How you can configure your hosting provider for both the naked domain and the www, at the same time, would be something you need to ask them about, as it is their servers that do not respond (properly) for your naked domain.

Through Cloudflare, the alternative we would have, would be to set up Cloudflare to redirect visitors from the broken to the working, however, that would mean the visitors would always end up on seeing the www variant (which would however just be a cosmetic thing, as both addresses would technically end up on the actual website).

Sure this will do.
Thank you :confetti_ball:

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