CNAME not propagating

I updated the WWW CNAME to and it did not work. If I check my DNS at it shows errors. Nothing propagated.

I originally had the nameservers on GoDaddy and the CNAME propagated and worked. I’m using Kajabi and it requires everything to be on Cloudflare. When I moved everything to Cloudflare the website stopped working and the DNS lookup throws errors and nothing got propagated.

How do I fix this? I created a support ticket 2 days ago and the only response I’ve got is an automatic generic message telling me to go to the forums.

Hi @ash.slaughter,

What is your domain?

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records (you can redact IPs)

Hi @ash.slaughter, sorry for the issues, there was a slowdown on DNS propagation, (towards bottom of page), but that should be resolved. Are you still encountering the issue? If you can share the domain, they community may be able to help troubleshoot.

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