CNAME not deleting

I’m trying to delete a CNAME and remake it as an A-record. It’s not working. I wait over a hour, and nothing. So I deleted the a-record and remade the CNAME, and then changed it to different values. It updated right away.

So updating a CNAME works great. But deleting it appears to do nothing. Creating the A-Record w/ the same subdomain goes through fine, but appears to never actually take effect.

What do you see that shows it’s not working?

If a CNAME is :orange: Proxied, Cloudflare advertises it as an “A” record of the proxy server. Also, remember that DNS changes can take up to 5 minutes to propagate.

I setup a CNAME to Azure and I see via the Azure monitoring system it’s still fielding requests. The CNAME was deleted hours ago now.

The new A-Record which is pointed to somewhere else, 0 traffic so far.

I suggest you use to verify any DNS changes you make here. Again…at least five minutes after you make the change.

If you need any more assistance, please post the actual full hostname that’s not working.

The dnschecker showed what it should show.

Still, it wasn’t working. So I went to Azure and just deleted my service, and randomly everything started working properly. I’m wondering if cloudflare had a keep-alive or something running. Very weird.

Not if:

It could very well be that Azure has some sort of keepalive or DNS caching.

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