CNAME not being seen by tests, but site working

I recently moved my hosting from Bluehost, but left my domain there. I deleted all my DNS records with Cloudflare and input the new IP for my hosting. My CNAME record is simply www and Both records are being proxied by Cloudflare, and this was set up 3-4 days ago.

When I check at, the A record is propagated fine. The CNAME test, however, fails. BUT, going to the www. version of my site directly works.

Why would I be failing the DNS testing for the CNAME record? DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

If it’s :orange: Proxied, then it becomes an “A” record that points to Cloudflare’s proxy server IP addresses.

Ok. That would explain it. So nothing to worry about, then? Is that the preferred method, or is there any advantage or disadvantage over not proxying just the CNAME record?

If the site’s working, then there’s no need to change anything. It’ll perform just the same either way.

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